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The homestuck fandom has over 1.1 million ships please name me a fandom that has more

I may.

Naruto, haveing 858 characters, (supporting, main, villan, ect,) Has a total pairing combination of 14904014355327162476555290414328719424370128465209622513945548240847934453517987532148538153540680560000064734232283446435089427096149665602683207094084076919437568780781674533990674708553852908863094935934425681787866290855836589989534154069534260902769719177005700713150643170742912223567235767456946909998701714246561169357179794660009372216790712635927908803061483068757053443642328292140398525196245951616698273363942063983865442455468091814841853923197406628460446564578577231324887109364979694973483656067013970418278117444265651463246673600056740864376135532788898566484074712359391719819620226390006681808672718208241770714822933732439310720565548522984043584729897267752370521638075370533586310537591285401411978299062149197718011828543676493608251270910659455861816163839586663800739929111942602252170879317848639815066626069268423494994624712256656800764006924083618292789440318736919989956450388885100494577677227359046085594775826159464156994326712059008200411898532440682019645143888162872496534840053414360829011371341382197001749347773067125463151516101757270551449243805990219063787628122745386098779331417184953541411802153653313952394616555575130883772093666250057443240402551950849226868816714489789910496541429688574585166182747099742256471834589658552207637639962661377426983147653440082047963985381203919376287055656960042865075997942802285209992540074280690592325450547459912432340064404723474682537642453042155553062152161257609838041689124001588004584666505844064756521527467629412489118483447368895281965982832185962135332027885614216230737968557017497845060578576363400418280022372768490591414615098722832599773244521811771479227182744227498528022201217031852503426806952669973497170997422351792858644688160968923410100223999281164522777904218815486835571438106050182763260271202774859181019721314202128358815403704013678664490612692608908463548984227703422501687783158265176454931216194465026708087400038400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 And that’s not ENTIRELY accurate. Now, the number of pairings doesn’t make a series great, its the story itself that makes it great. However, if a shipping war were to break out between Homestuck and Naruto, if we went by the number of possible ships, Naruto would win. By a LANDSLIDE. 

There is 840 Homestuck characters, not including alternate timeline versions of characters, and tricksters, and many others, and that is only listing the characters who have a full wiki page. Not including selfcest, there are an infinite amount of ships, because you can not only ship them in love, but in Homestuck, you can ship them in moiraillegiance, kismesitude, and auspisticeship, which is OT3s. Naruto may have 18 extra characters, but we have four seperate ways we can ship each ship! And for auspisticising, each three of the characters involved can play the part of the auspistice! Homestuck has infinite ways to ship, and sorry, but would beat Naruto.


i ship homestuck <3< naruto now

I just thought I’d point this out… The number of ships the Naruto fandom claims to have is absurd and clearly a gross miscalculation.

For the sake of my mind, we’re going to assume that in all cases the nature of consent and requisition does not play a factor in the ship, but rather if two characters are together in a certain kind of relationship then that is representative of  that ship as a statistic. We are also going to exclude 3-ways, and only acknowledge P as a variable represented by a number other than 2 when concerning an Auspistic relationship.

If we establish our variables to be {N = the number of characters in a fandom}, {P = the number of participants involved in a particular paring} and {S = the number of romantic ways to ship any characters}, then the formula for calculating the number of ships in a fandom ought to adhere to follows:

((N^P) - N)*S if we chose not to include self-cest (which in this case we will given that Naruto and Homestuck are both prone to some form of duplication shenanigan or another) making our final equation (N^P)S

(858^2)1 = 736,164  This number represents the total number of potential ships within the Naruto fandom where N = 858 and P = 2 and S = 1

Now when we look at Homestuck, the numbers stack up differently because we have to account for all four of the romantic quadrants. Because The Auspistic quadrant will have a different P value than the other three quadrants, it will be calculated separately.

(840^2)(Matespritship)+(840^2)(Moirailegance)+(840^2)(Kismesissitude)+((840^3)-(840*3))(Auspisticism) = 594,818,280

This gives Homestuck just over half a billion potential ships where as Naruto doesn’t even reach one million.

This doesn’t even begin to take into account ships involving quadrant vacillation  which would more than quadruple the number of ships in the Homestuck fandom.

Next time check your basic math before you post.



reblogging purely because this person went ahead and made a shipping equation and that is just awesome

this is the only math problem i will ever appreciate.




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Hey guys!! While my other giveaway is still going until June, due to a url change and an increase in followers I’ve decided to make another!! Prizes and rules are listed below -

  • Circle Lenses

Any single pair of colored contacts under $25 from reputable site

  • Music!

$25 in iTunes gift card (if you don’t have itunes/apple, I’ll substitute this for another gift card or something of sorts - we can work it out!)

  • Swag

I’ve been working on making items to sell in conventions, such as buttons and keychains. I’m primarily working on danganronpa, kill la kill, puella magi madoka magica, and vocaloids. The keychains will be similar to the picture below (as soon as I get keychains painted I will add pictures)

*Note: Keychains will be small characters from each fandom because this style/size is easiest to cut. They will be made of light metals

  • Nendroid Figures

I’ve gotten into figure collecting recently, and accidentally bought a few that friends have gotten me as gifts haha;; so I’ll be giving away the following figures below

(i love the kagamine twins, they’re an awesome default gift for me ahh~)

and last but not least….

A 16gb 5th Generation iPod Touch

I’ve never been a big apple fan, but for Christmas I got an iPod. Since I’m due for an upgrade on my phone soon, I’ve decided to get an iPhone, meaning I won’t have any use for an iPod as well. I’ll be giving it away. It’s silver in color, I’ll wipe everything off of it before I send it.


  • must be following me (I will check)
  • reblog is 3 entries, likes are 1 entry
  • Please do not spam your followers - so long as you do this there are no rules/limitations on reblogs
  • I will randomly choose the winners from one of those awesome random sites
  • please keep your ask box open so I have a way to contact you, or try and make arrangements with me
  • please keep an eye out for any other notes I make.

For extra entries please follow x, x, x, x

Giveaway will go until October 1st. I will get into contact with the winners then!!

Best of luck!!



animu-animu pRESENTS…



So you guys remember how my last giveaway fell through. Due to financial surprises and blog mistreatment.. I was unable to go through with the giveaway and had to cancel it. 


That is not the case now. I’ve got this shit down-pat. 

I love all you swaggin followers and friends and I want to give you some shit to make up for my fucking mess of a blog and failed giveaway last time.

I’ve still got some giftcards and I’m ready to give you some.

Alright leggo


-one $50gift card to etsy

-one $20 gift card to thinkgeek

-the entire eevee evolutions pokedoll set (minus sylveon ;3;) 

-one wig of your choosing from Arda

-one pair of contact lenses of your choosing from honeycolor

-one Sailor Moon body pillow case (I will include a clean pillow to accompany the case if you don’t have one thats long enough. (i have tons…))

so i mean pretty swag right


i wanna win this shit dang



so how are we gonna do this


-you must be following me.

-you must reblog this post 

-likes count

-reblog as many times as you want (just be considerate of your followers)

-no giveaway blogs 

-i can only ship to the us and those surrounding islands w/e

SO heres how its gonna work.

im gonna message the winner when the time comes. probably fanmail but will message them on their ask if they don’t have fanmail up.

since I already have the gift cards and plushies like with me at my house what im gonna do is have you send me the link to the wig you want and the contacts you want and i’ll have them delivered to my house to make sure they come all ship-shapey and what not and then I can send you everything in one box and I can make it cute n shit and it’ll be fab okay? yeah so theres that

ill definitely be throwing in more prizes if this gets more notes because


why not.


I may extend the end-date if its slow at getting notes. 

welp— enjoy guys!! 

decided to extend the date to October 31st


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